Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

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In contrast to the European approach to taking care of appearance, which is aimed not at preventing painful and age-related changes, but at treating and masking existing skin problems, Korean care involves carefully preserving the freshness and beauty of the face. Korean women, even in old age, look amazing, they can boast smooth, light, like porcelain skin, minimal wrinkles, and a toned face. In addition to genetic characteristics and proper nutrition, the ideal appearance of Asian beauties is due to a competent, regular, multi-stage skincare ritual. So, today we will talk about Korean facial skin care – 10-step system.

The specificity of the Korean method of facial care is precisely in the prevention of skin imperfections and ailments, and not in retouching an already spoiled appearance.

Korean skin care is a complex, long-term, multi-level complex of morning and evening procedures aimed at cleansing and restoring the skin after applying makeup and after a night’s rest.

Korean care involves a layer-by-layer method of applying cosmetic products, which contributes to the most profound and intense effect on the skin layers. European women, in contrast to Asian women, pay little attention to morning care activities, and conventional washing with or without soap is considered sufficient. But during sleep, the sebaceous and sweat glands continue to work actively, so in the morning the skin needs cleansing even more than in the evening, and besides, the soap has an unpleasant drying property.

Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

Korean women pay great attention to moisturizing the skin and protecting against ultraviolet radiation, which allows it to preserve their youth for as long as possible. Therefore, many Korean products contain moisturizing and sunscreen ingredients. Cosmetic arsenal of Asian beauties consists mainly of caring, and not from decorative preparations. Korean women do not like excesses in appearance, they are sure that the best decoration of any woman is a clean and fresh face and not a bright “battle” coloring.

It takes a lot of time

Of course, for a European woman, such a long process of caring for her face can seem tedious and meaningless. Asians have a completely different mentality, if a Korean beauty can afford to show off in front of a mirror for several tens of minutes, then a European will call it a wasteful waste of time. Although Korean women who learn to take care of their appearance from a young age, skillfully spend no more than 15 minutes on all procedures.

Large assortment of cosmetics

There are so many cosmetics in Korean girls’ cosmetics bags that the most glamorous and well-groomed European beauty can envy them. Korea produces excellent and effective cosmetics, but quite expensive. Not every our woman will allow herself to acquire and apply Korean care products, especially in such large quantities.

Not for everyone

The skin structure of an Asian and European woman differs much more than you can imagine. Asians of the nature of the skin integument are much less prone to fat. Therefore, our women to carry out Korean facial care, to use cosmetics from Korea, containing a large percentage of synthetic components, should be careful. For ladies whose skin on their face is prone to excessive sebaceous formations, the Korean face care system is unacceptable.

Morning care

  • skin cleansing (a gel or facial wash, cream soap);
  • skin toning (toner, lotion);
  • skin nutrition (serum, emulsion, milk);
  • additional care with a mask;
  • day cream for the face;
  • Makeup;

Evening care

  • double skin cleansing (foam and hydrophilic oil);
  • deep skin massage (peeling, skating masks);
  • skin toning (toner, lotion);
  • skin nutrition (serum, emulsion, milk);
  • Additional care with the help of masks, natural oils;
  • night cream, eye cream.

Skin Cleansing

It is necessary to clean the skin in the morning properly. You say: “Here’s another thing that I don’t know how to wash: soap and water are my best friends!” Simply washing with water is not enough to prevent sweat, fat, bacteria, dead cells that have accumulated overnight, as the Korean facial cleansing system says, Charlotte Cho. Washing with soap is also not a good option, because alkaline soap foam not only dries the skin but also removes the upper protective layer of the epidermis.

Korean women use gentle, gentle skins or gels that are whipped in a special mesh to cleanse the skin, hands applied to the face with light, circular, massaging movements, then washed off with warm water.

In the evening, the purification procedure is a bit more complicated.

  • Before applying the care product from the face, make-up is completely thoroughly removed with a makeup remover or special wet wipes.
  • Then, first hydrophilic oil is applied to the skin, followed by foam.

Such a sequence is not accidental. During the day, the pores of the skin are imbued with a very oily and heavy mixture of make-up, sweat, sebaceous secretions, dirt, and dust, or horny cells, which is quite problematic to wash off with just foam. And hydrophilic oil, which fights with waterproof components of cosmetics, dissolves this unpleasant mass quite well.

Many girls think: “Why to spend money on cleansers because it does not linger on the face and is washed down the pipe for a few seconds!? I’d rather spend a good cream or serum. ”The stage of cleansing the skin of the face is undervalued by most European women. After all, the skin, before applying other care products (creams, masks, etc.), must be prepared so that the effect after the treatment can be seen. Otherwise, it is all useless.

Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

After a good evening in a circle of loved ones, say in a club or karaoke, the thought that we would need to spend 5 minutes before going to bed to remove make-up shudders, and sleep is already coming … If you think for a second, our skin is the barrier between our bodies. It protects us from the negative effects of the outside world, blocking the path of dirt, allergens and other hazards that tend to get into our body. Neglecting the first stage of skin care, we stimulate the appearance of acne, black spots, acne.

Korean Charlotte Cho, also recommends being cleaned internally. Taking antioxidants will cleanse your body from the inside, which will certainly have a positive effect on your appearance, in particular, on your skin color. Love green tea, naturally better, of course, say Chinese, because it contains a large number of useful elements that stimulate metabolism.

Deep skin massage

Deep cleansing of the face of dead particles and black spots is performed a couple of times during the week in the evening, and if the skin is tender and prone to damage, then even less. The usual means for peeling are scrubs and cleaning masks with particles of coffee beans or apricot seeds, but Korean care for sensitive skin is simply unthinkable without roll masks. This invention of Asian cosmetologists enjoys great popularity among Korean women.

These peeling masks are made on the basis of natural wax and cellulose, they have a gel structure and are easy to apply on the face. They are much softer and more gentle than scrubs, they do not tear, do not scratch the skin. The mask, when rubbed on the skin with smooth massaging movements, forms small pellets to which black dots stick, secretions of wen, dirt, dead particles of the epidermis. Then the pellets are washed with warm water.

Skin Toning

After washing, it is necessary to normalize the water balance of the face, soften it and restore tone. Already a minute after cleaning, the skin’s moisture drops sharply down to 50%, in order to maximally stabilize it, Korean women use the rule of three seconds. Immediately after washing, during this shortest time, it is necessary to apply a refreshing toner or lotion on the face, otherwise, the skin will dry out, the aging mechanism will start in the deep layers.

Korean tonic is milder, softer, fresher European preparations, they contain amino acids, natural plant extracts. In addition, as part of many Asian brands, there is no alcohol, which not only mercilessly dries the skin but also destroys the beneficial microflora.

Korean women never use cotton pads to apply care products, they splash their hands with tonic or lotion on their faces like plain water. Pretty wasteful, but effective. A special honor for Asian beauties is spray-haze – a light tonic in cans that is sprayed on the face.

Skin nutrition

Korean women consider intensive nutrition a very important step in facial care. It is serums and emulsions, which in a concentrated form contain active biological elements, fight against diseases and imperfections of the skin, such as age wrinkles, acne, age spots. Unlike creams that affect the upper layers of the skin, serums and emulsions penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, which allows not only to quickly get the desired appearance but also to fix the result for a long time. The best nourishing serums and essences are produced by Korean and Japanese cosmetology companies. Their preparations have a light texture, are well absorbed, have proven natural components in their composition, and due to their special molecular composition, they do not release moisture from the inner skin layers.

Extra care

Korean multi-level facial is simply impossible to imagine without masks. Korean masks are washed away and indelible, day and night, are divided into several types depending on skin problems:

  • for tightening and cleansing the pores of the skin;
  • to restore and tone the skin;
  • for moistening;
  • for lightening and smoothing skin pigmentation;
  • to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

Korean cosmetologists recommend alternating masks of different types to enhance the therapeutic effect. Asian apply a mask on the face with massaging movements, which allows the active substances to be absorbed deeper into the skin layers. Korean women use predominantly ready-made fabric masks, carved in the shape of a face with holes for the eyes and mouth. It is important to tightly apply the mask to the skin so that the active ingredients are evenly distributed over the face. Such masks do not need to be washed off when removing tissue, the remnants of the ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

An absolute hit among Korean care products is night masks, which are applied to the face before going to bed, about an hour after applying the night cream. At its saturation with nutrients, night masks are quickly absorbed and do not leave marks on linen.

Face creams

Creams of Asian manufacturers are completely different from European and American brands. They are lighter, porous, do not form a sticky film on the skin. Creams from Korea not only nourish but also intensively moisturize the skin without clogging the pores. In the morning, a cream with a sun-protection factor is relevant, and in the evening you cannot do without a thick night cream, which is applied with a thick layer, absorbed gradually during sleep. Korean ladies pay much attention to caring for the area around the eyes, they do not rub the eye cream, but clap their fingers with light movements. Dark circles, swelling, swelling and other signs of tired eyes for Asian beauties are simply unacceptable.

To choose the right cream is important to know the properties of its components.

Additional recommendations

Korean skincare in addition to the main stages has many additions and nuances that help to more effectively and quickly deal with problems and shortcomings of appearance.


If American women do not represent life without a personal psychologist, then Korean women must take time to visit a cosmetologist or a dermatologist once a week. Specialist advice for them is very important, if necessary, the doctor will conduct medical procedures, adjust the system of care.

Do not dwell

Europeans, when choosing cosmetics, prefer one brand, use it if not all their life, then for a long time. And Korean women never become attached to one product, change cosmetics after several months of use. Korean manufacturers each season delight their customers with novelties. Thanks to this approach, the skin does not have time to get used to a particular drug, does not lose its susceptibility to active ingredients.

Do not forget about moisturizing

Korean women like to anoint the body and face with a very large amount of healing oils, essential and aromatic. Since the skin of Asians is predominantly prone to dryness, it is not a problem for them to apply oil in several layers for their face. Natural oils are usually used either as a mask or as a base for cream. After such intense nutrition, the skin becomes surprisingly soft, as if velvet.

And of course the mask

To the various masks in Korean girls a real passion. If Europeans use masks on the strength a couple of times a week, then for Korean women, moisturizing with masks is an evening ritual. And Asians absolutely rightly do not consider such frequent procedures unnecessary. Korean masks are gentle and gentle, made of cotton, they contain vitamins and plant extracts.

Korean Facial Treatment! Unique System!

The skin around the eyes

For the sensitive area around the eyes, so-called patches are used – semi-circular patches filled with glycerin, vitamins and essential acids, oils and extracts. They not only moisturize the skin under the eyelids but also relieve the bags, blue in the face, small wrinkles and other signs of fatigue and anxiety.

A tan

Europeans and Americans love to sunbathe, they burn their bodies on beaches and in tanning beds to a chocolate state. Asians do not tolerate sunburn, even on the beach, they strongly hide from the sun. Korean women have a completely white face in fashion, and for good reason, because direct sunlight has a detrimental effect on the skin, dries and ages it. The absolute majority of Korean creams contain an SPF factor that reliably protects against hard ultraviolet radiation.

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