5 Purifying and healthy diets that you will worship

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The purpose of a purifying diet is maintain a healthy body. When finished, continue to follow a balanced diet to avoid losing any benefits.

The body collects all our excesses: food, lack of exercise, alcohol weekend, negative emotions. Eventually it may become or, as they say, “to introduce the bill.”

To delete all it can damage the best way is to follow the cleansing diet or detox.

Here is how to organize it and exploit it to the fullest …

What is a purifying diet?

The main objective of this change in our eating habits is to cleanse the body of toxins that tend to accumulate with the passage of time.

Normally this would not be necessary, since the body has its own natural purification system (through urine, feces and perspiration). However, our current lifestyle, especially for those who live in the city, brings us to hold toxic elements that should be eliminated.

Many people decide to follow a purifying diet after Christmas or excesses of the holidays, the two periods of the year when we eat and drink more than they should.

In reality there is no reason to wait for these two moments or being too radical.

The purifying diet provides the body the necessary substances to eliminate toxins through urine and feces .

It is not a diet so restrictive as we tend to think. considered foods are also granted in calories, but they have at the same time purifying functions.

Among the benefits you get by following a detox diet, include the ability to counteract  water retention, prevent disease and reduce the swelling  of the stomach.

Examples of cleansing diets

Usually cleansing diets only last a day or a weekend. In these hours must make an effort to eat only what we are taught. Often you feel the need to stay at home without exercise or other intense efforts.

Here are some types of cleansing diets:

Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit is a powerful detoxifying and fat-burning food. It makes also lots of fiber and vitamin C. To follow this diet you must eat grapefruit for a whole day, whole or in juice.

In the afternoon you can indulge in a low-fat yogurt and evening salad of spinach or lettuce.

High fiber diet

It oats the main protagonist of a weekend dedicated to the treatment. You can eat it with milk or low-fat yogurt, orange juice, in strips or drive her nuts like almonds.

A snack you can eat a bit ‘of fresh fruit (strawberries, apples) and in the evening a soup with carrots, leek and celery.

Carrots Diet

Spend an entire day eating carrots is not so terrible. Better if crude: munch helps reduce hunger and food from anxiety, but every other presentation is still valid.

You can choose between the smoothie, soup, mashed or grated carrots with a little lemon.

Finish your day with your favorite brew.

Tomato Diet

A great diet for smoking (even for those who just quit smoking) and for women who suffer from cellulite. Eat tomatoes in every way for a whole day.

  • Just get up drink a tomato juice. At breakfast you eat two tomatoes cut into small pieces.
  • For lunch a salad of tomatoes with bean sprouts and lettuce, dressed with olive oil.
  • For a snack tomato juice and mint. Finally, for dinner repeat the lunch menu. Before going to bed prepare an infusion.

Artichoke Diet

This tasty vegetable has diuretic properties. It helps to eliminate the accumulation of fat, especially the abdomen. The Artichoke diet lasts one day.

  • For breakfast, eat a slice of wholemeal bread with cream of artichoke.
  • At lunch, grilled artichoke hearts, artichoke pie at dinner.
  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon can eat a low-fat yogurt.

I can follow a detox diet “free”?

A lot of us do not like the idea of ​​dieting, even if only for a day.

Maybe you have just decided to  start eating more healthily or have you already made a weekend of purification. In this case we should continue with the following foods, known for their detoxifying properties:

  • Fruit (pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, orange, apple, pear).
  • Vegetables (celery, asparagus, onions, escarole).
  • Sprouts  (wheat, alfalfa, soybeans).
  • Whole grains.
  • Lean meats.
  • Bluefish.
  • Yogurt.

And after the detox diet what happens? This is a frequently asked question.

The idea is that once the detox, we must not throw the food. Gradually you can increase the amount of food and, if possible, try to eat more fruits and vegetables (note presents the list above).

Finally, do not forget to practice a sport or, at least, to take a walk every day.

Drink water (two quarts a day), avoid foods high in fat, sugars and refined flours.

Consume infusions and natural juices instead of soft drinks, choose green tea instead of coffee.

This way your body will be less intoxicated, and all for the benefit of health.

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