7 positive phrases that we repeat every day

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If we propose it seriously, we may become the most important person in our lives and at the same time, the best friend of ourselves.

If we want really, it is important to pay close attention to the way in which, day after day, we turn to ourselves and how we perceive ourselves.

It is no secret, we are usually very critical of ourselves. Probably, in fact, we ourselves to induce a strong sense of guilt as soon as we do something in the wrong way, creating a sprawling harmful frustration that ends up making us lose heart.

Can we imagine how it would be different if we started  to devote ourselves more positive thoughts and words, learning to be more understanding and generous with ourselves and aware of how we treat?

The mere fact of repeating to ourselves the following sentences, will assume a number of very significant changes in our daily lives, that will make us feel better about ourselves.

1. I believe in my dreams

We must believe in ourselves and in what we are. Do not forget that the mind is powerful and can lead to accomplish all that we believe can: just believe really.

Saying to ourselves that we firmly believe in our dreams, we become people much safer  and we will be more aware of what we can aspire.

For no one can take away our confidence in ourselves, that same confidence that will help us achieve the goals we set ourselves and to lead the life I wanted.

By using positive phrases like this, we only train our mind to believe that nothing is impossible.

2. Do every day the best of me

No matter if the goal achieved is small or large. The important thing is that we have done everything possible to achieve the desired result: the state of mind that matters, the will to strive to the maximum what we want.

Success does not come suddenly, it’s a long process that is done in small steps.

We must never forget that only constantly striving, day after day, we advance toward our goals.

Even during the days when nothing seems to go your way, this sentence can help to remind us of the efforts we have made to bring us closer to our goal.

3. I love myself for who I am

Next time we will look in the mirror, let’s stop for a minute, let us look in the eye and let’s “I love you.” We remind ourselves what we love, as we are, with our qualities and our faults, that make us unique and special people.

We can not claim to be able to give love to others if, first of all, we do not love ourselves.

When we begin to accept and love the person who is on the other side of the mirror, it opens our hearts to the love and appreciation of those around us.

The starting point is us, so we have to love each other as we are.

4. Am I the only one responsible for my happiness

The moments of sadness and disappointment should help us learn, to groped new roads and make us stronger. There is no one but ourselves, that can prevent us from being positive people and fully satisfied. We alone are responsible for our happiness.

Many people are often disappointed when they expect to find happiness outside of themselves, in others or in material things, when, in fact,  true  happiness  can only be found within each of us.

For this reason, the more we will repeat this positive phrase, the more we realize that feeling happy and satisfied only depend on us.

In this way, we will become more responsible towards our feelings.

5. I take full responsibility for all my actions

Being responsible for their actions is important as be of their own feelings.

We should never take action or lamenting project of adverse circumstances, the bad situation in which we find ourselves or those around us. This attitude, in fact, there is nothing but evil.

No one, except us, is responsible for the life we are living is us, with our thoughts and our daily actions, the only masters of our destiny and the world around us.

Repeat frequently this positive phrase, then, it will help us tremendously to take the reins of our existence.

6 The best is yet to begin

It is a positive phrase that has great power to inspire us every day. Cultivating hope that the future smiles at us and always something better in store for us is a good way to find the motivation and the energy to continue to always give the best of ourselves.

We must never stop believing that the future has in Serbia best opportunity for us. With this conviction, we will begin to attract more positive energy toward us, and we will learn to grasp the many possibilities that life has to offer.

7. I am grateful for every day that I may live

We learn to appreciate every day of our lives, regardless of whether it was good or bad . Let us remind ourselves that, on certain occasions, we do not have the power to change the things that happen, but the attitude with which we meet, that depends only on us.

We learn to be grateful for every little thing, good or bad, that teaches us something. And most importantly, we also learn to be grateful for having been part of the day that has just ended.

From this point of view, everything takes on a new light: it is a miracle to wake up every morning, day after day, healthy and able to do the things we love.

Remember, again, that the power that our mind has on us and our way of life is really impressive. We must learn to control it, not let it take over our thoughts.

Here, then, the importance of repeating ourselves of these phrases positive every day: we do with this good habit a daily routine and live a full and happy life.

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