chronic pressure drops

9 natural remedies for chronic pressure drops

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Although there are several natural remedies to overcome the pressure drops, you should always consult a doctor before starting any treatment to avoid side effects.

We can have all the pressure drops due to a sudden movement of excess heat or as a side effect of some medication.

However, some people suffer from this problem on a regular basis, which can involve significant risks in their lives everyday.

In this article we will share nine highly effective natural remedies to overcome the chronic pressure drops with the help of medicinal plants, food, tips and therapies available to everyone.

chronic pressure drops
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Because I suffer from blood pressure to drop?

If you are worried because they usually suffer from blood pressure to drop, you should do two things without wasting time:

  • Piedra a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure at home every day and to better follow the evolution of the situation.
  • May Have your doctor to achieve the necessary examinations and discard possible deficits or disorders.

It is also crucial to know how long you going to see if anything has changed in your life since then: nutrition, stress, emotional state, medications, etc.

A basic treatment

Although the remedies that will list to follow are very effective, if the pressure drops continue to be frequent, we should also focus on:

  • Power
  • Possible nutritional deficiency
  • Lifestyle

In this way, we can figure out whether behind this symptom hides another health problem, and therefore solving both.

Natural remedies

1. Pure Licorice

Licorice is an excellent food to increase the pressure. In fact, people with hypertension should be careful not to consume it in excess.

We can assume it naturally, chewing the root, or in the form of supplements or concentrated infusion. We must avoid, however, that the candy in own label indicate to contain licorice.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a natural stimulant devoid of negative effects as those of the caffeine of coffee.

This exotic root accelerates the metabolism and activates the body in all directions.

It is particularly convenient when the pressure drops are accompanied by nausea.

We can assume it raw, grated on the plates, in the form of infusion, in juices and in smoothies or in powder form. It has a slightly spicy flavor.

3. Infusion of rosemary and honey

A very popular remedy is infuse rosemary with honey, suitable for children as it does not involve any risk.

  • We prepare a very concentrated infusion of fresh or dried rosemary leaves and addolciamolo with honey, possibly with a dark colored race.
  • We can hire him occasionally or as a treat (a cup mid-morning and one in the afternoon for about 10 days).

4. Circular massage

In the ear it is reflected throughout our body, as if we had drawn a fetus in the womb, with his head down, right in the lobe area.

  • For this reason, massaging his ears with his hands from the top down will help us enable the body.
  • Do the contrary, however, it will relax.
  • We can use a little ‘vegetable oil.

5. Pollen

Pollen is a super food that comes from the bees and we can take each day (a teaspoon will be enough) to increase the pressure gradually.

We can mix it with a little juice, yogurt, etc.

6. Essential oil of mint

The essential mint oil provides in a few moments a dose of vitality, freshness and energy.

We can always take with us a small bottle of essential oil for oral use. If hypotension occurs, we put a few drops of this oil under the tongue.

We must not confuse this oil with synthetic essences, devoid of medicinal properties.

7. Foot Hydrotherapy and legs

A therapy to make at home and very effective consists of alternating hot and cold water on the feet and legs.

  • Let’s start with the hot water for a few seconds and always end with cold water. Less than a minute will suffice.
  • We can make it once a day or when we need it.

8. Bach Flowers

We can get a preparation of specific flower essences to overcome hypotension:

  • Scleranthus.
  • Rescue Remedy.
  • Rosehip.

We put 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day, for at least 21 days.

9. Sea water

The edible sea water is a food that contains minerals and trace elements in quantities useful for the organism.

So, it can help us in a simple and natural to treat hypotension relazionata the nutritional deficit.

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