7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain free

7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain free

How to get pain free eyebrows

Spinning is a real torture for women, but it is also a torture for men who want to take care of themselves and stay on top. Bushy, unkept eyebrows do not showcase your eyes and face for seduction or simply for everyday relationships with others. The Montsouris is also neither attractive nor attractive. He creates a bar that crushes the eyes and does not give a particularly intelligent air. That’s why it is necessary to go through hair removal. This torture is inevitable but it can also be very painful which can put us off.

We have found you 7 tips to prevent and reduce pain caused by tweezers.

1. Getting in shape

It is better to take a time for yourself to proceed to hair removal, do not put yourself in it 2 minutes before leaving for work, in a hurry between coffee and looking for your car keys.

7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain freeAllow time for a moisturizing mask after your hair removal to finish this aesthetic operation with a pleasant note. Install near a good light, prefer daylight that will be stronger than any artificial light. It will allow you a better precision. A good forceps is also essential, if it is twisted or not sufficiently curved, you will be forced to strive for each hair to remove and it will be very long and painful.

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2. Think before you act

Before attacking your eyebrows, think first about the hairs you need to remove and the ones you must leave. Do not have your hand too heavy. An eyebrow that is too thin is just as unsightly as an unkept eyebrow. Your face must remain balanced and you must build the shape of the eyebrows. They must be thicker in the center, towards the nose and finer on the outside, towards the ears.

To know which areas to depilate, take a pencil (or anything that is fine and long) and place it against your nostril, then point it toward the inner corner of your eye. As an extension of this line you have your eyebrow. All the hairs that are on the other side of the pencil, towards the center, are superfluous. You can do the same for the other end of your eyebrow. Keep the tip of your pencil against your nostril and point the other end toward the outer corner of the eye, this line will give you the point where your eyebrow should stop. Lastly, never spike the top of your eyebrows, it could deconstruct your face and give you a falling look. If you decide in advance what should be shaved and what should not be,

3. Open your pores

The root of your hair is well inked in your skin, it is for this reason that hair removal is painful. You can place your face over a bowl of hot water with a cloth on your head. With moisture and heat, the pores of your skin will expand, including those in which the hairs of your eyebrows are. Stay about 5 minutes in this steam bubble before moving on to the next step.

4. Cleanse your skin

7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain freeAfter the steam bath stage, all your pores will be well opened and all the impurities they contain will be exposed to your good will! It is important that you get rid of it. So you can make an exfoliating mask, to relax first but also to clean your face and remove all the dead skin that clogs your pores. Thus, the roots of your hair will be more exposed and therefore easier to remove.

5. The anesthetic ice cube

7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain freeOnce you have settled in and have prepared your skin, you can now proceed to hair removal. Do you apprehend? Do not be afraid! The ice cube will be your best ally! Place one on the area to be shaved for a few tens of seconds to anesthetize your skin. Be careful, do not force yourself to hold the ice cube if it becomes too unpleasant. Once you do not feel anything, take the time to dry your skin well, and then you can start waxing.

6. Do not do it alone

If you are really too afraid to hurt yourself during hair removal, do not force yourself, it will only accentuate the pain and with each new hair removal the pain will be more and more insurmountable. If you have a few euros to spend, go instead institute. Before a stranger, you will force yourself to look good and once it is launched you can not stop it! Beauticians are very fast and know their job well. Trust them. By cons avoid asking a friend to do it if you are not comfortable with hair removal, it will not fix things and you may blame him!

7. Attention to the interview

7 tips for getting your eyebrows pain freeEyebrows, it’s talking. You do not have to make up every morning, and spend half an hour there but there are some simple things that can make your life easier. Use an eyebrow pencil to redraw them, as much as possible. So when they start to push back, you can smooth out the irregularity with the pencil. Remember to ask for advice to choose the right shade.

In Conclusion

Hydrate yourself well. Use a moisturizer to relax your skin and soothe tingling directly after hair removal but also daily. This simple gesture will promote a smooth regrowth.

Do not epilate daily, it’s very bad for your skin and hair regrowth. You may actually relax your skin which will gratify you before the time of drooping eyelids. You can also cause unsightly buttons by wanting to epilate too often, which is still much less aesthetic than a little bit too much.

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