How to decorate your kitchen

If you moved into Park Homes Gloucestershire way, such as a number of years ago, you might be thinking about how you can give some of your rooms a new lease of life. Park Homes are incredibly popular with people entering retirement as they offer single-storey dwellings and a lovely community feel, and they are virtually maintenance-free. But, you will probably still feel like you want to give the rooms a bit of a makeover now and again.

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Kitchens are a popular choice when it comes to thinking about redecorating, and there are a number of ways that you can breathe some new life into this space.

Paint – a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a makeover is to look at applying a fresh coat of paint. There are a number of colours that are popular for kitchen spaces, and these include yellows and greens. Light tones are better than dark ones in these spaces as they help the room feel light and airy.

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Tiles – if you have bare walls in your kitchen, you can install some tiles to add a feature wall element. These also help with any splashback from your hob or sink. This will help to protect the walls behind the tiles from water damage and discolouration from the heat of the hob.

Countertop – another popular way to change the look of a kitchen is to buy a new countertop. You can leave the cupboards in place and simply order a new top to be put in place. This allows you to change the colour decor in the kitchen without having to rip the whole kitchen out and start again.

Cabinet doors – as with replacing the countertop, this can be a quick and cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen. If the cupboard carcasses are in good working order, you can look to either replace the doors on the front or strip them back and give them a nice coat of paint.

Accessories – adding some new accessories to your kitchens such as storage jars, artwork, and some plants, can also help to lift the look of the space.

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