Importance of imagery in branding

We are inherently visual creatures and the images that we see can create powerful emotions and can even bring about memories from our childhoods.It is for this reason that it is incredibly important that brands choose imagery carefully. A logo of a business becomes a recognised symbol that hopefully your customers and clients will begin to identify when they think about your work.There are lots of other elements that make up a brand and these include the colours that are used, as well as the typography and tone of voice in your text.

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When choosing imagery for your website or other marketing collateral, it is important that this reflects your brand in a positive way. The images need to feel like they fit within the personality of your brand.For example, if you were running a care home you wouldn’t want to have imagery of young families on your website or your social media channels. Equally if you are a lifestyle brand, you will want to invest in some luxurious images that reflect the kind of lifestyle that you are trying to portray and promote to your customers.

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Whilst you don’t want to share identical images constantly in your marketing you do want to ensure that they all have a similar feel to them. This might mean picking imagery that has a certain feel to it or it may be using some of your brand colours in templates for your social media posts. It is important that all of this is done with your overallbrand goals in mind and a Brand Strategy Agency such as can help support you with this.

Another important thing to consider is that the images that you use should reflect your ideal client. It isn;t about sharing and using images that you like, if they aren’t going to appeal to your target market. If you want to find out what kinds of imagery works best you can carry out some A/B testing on your marketing items. This works particularly well for social media adverts where you can set the text or the imagery to be different on your adverts and then compare how each of them performs.

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