The Locals, lucky enough to live in the popular town of Swindon

Situated in the southwest of England in the county of Wiltshire, Swindon town is certainly a popular place to live and raise a family.  When a major Census was undertaken in 2021 Swindon became the biggest settlement in the county, when there were officially reported to be over 201,500 lucky, locals living there.  The new houses built to accommodate the families, couples and business men and women that had made the town their own, probably came complete with a large integral garage fitted with Garage Doors Swindon, supplied and installed by professional experts such as  Having the benefit of a large garage space to keep their cars safe and secure as well as to store their tools, camping equipment, painting and decorating items, and their garden furniture in, made these new homes even more appealing.

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Located just twenty-six miles away from the City of Oxford, thirty-five miles from Bristol City Centre to its west and Reading the same distance to its east, Swindon attracts lots of tourists, visitors and workers from these areas bringing prosperity into the town.  Swindon town’s landscape is one of beauty, surrounded by the chalk hills of the Wiltshire Downs, the magnificent River Ray that forms the western boundary and the mighty River Thames to the north.

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All these incredible features of Swindon Town and its stunning local areas alongside its new housing complete with garages makes this town a thriving and successful place to live.

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