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7 Makeup secrets to looking fabulous

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To know these makeup secrets and put them into practice you do not need to be a professional. We know how important it is for you to be well dressed, combed and made up every day.

Presence is something that today is important for every activity you do. Another important factor is the time you have and, given that it is usually scarce, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

Without having to spend hours in the bathroom putting on makeup. That routine can become simpler and happier. You will see how, with little effort, you will look fresh and radiant, while still being yourself with the following secrets that we are going to tell you about.

7 makeup secrets to looking fabulous

1. The perfect illuminator touch

Makeup secretsThe blush or rouge is the makeup that we put on our cheeks to give a touch of color to the face. Many times we spend a little time applying it and, when trying to blur it, we may only get to extend the makeup stain. Keep reading

To avoid this, it is necessary to know how to apply a bit of illuminator on the cheekbone, just where the rouge begins. It is a touch of light that will accentuate the bone structure and create a much more flattering effect.

How to place the illuminator:

  • Do not overwash the brushes, it is preferable to add several layers of product, to have to remove any excess and, in many cases, have to wash your face and start from scratch.
  • When you apply the blush or rouge, do it just below the line of your cheekbones. Without re-dusting the brush, it diffuses the product with light circular touches. To make it easier to see the cheekbones, you can sink your cheeks, as if you were drinking a soft drink with a straw.
  • Once the blush is well blurred, proceed to apply, just in the line of the cheekbone, a light trail of the illuminator. It is a small touch of light, so we should not leave it as a line that looks excessively white or overloaded.
  • With a brush a little thinner than that of the blush, it diffuses a bit the illuminator that reaches the hairline.

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2. Application of mascara without staining the skin

Makeup secretsThe eyelashes are the easiest part of makeup and also, the most colorful of the entire result. However, many people can be complicated to apply the mask for eyelashes.

Mainly because they do not know how to distribute the product well, which leaves the eye thick and overloaded. Or, on the other hand, it may be hard for them not to stain your skin when they apply the mask. To help you with this, one of the secrets of professional makeup is as follows:

  • Take a clean, dry spoon.
  • When you are going to apply the mascara on top, place the spoon on the eyelid. In this way, it will act as a kind of protective shield that will prevent you from staining your skin when you pass the brush of the mask.

3. Perfect torn outline

The following makeup secrets will help us achieve the perfect ripped out we so much desire. Gatuno, Egyptian, or casual, none will resist us anymore.

For this, you only need a small piece of adhesive tape or zeal. Some people also use a small rule. But the most popular trick is with adhesive tape, which you should place in the following way.

  • Place tape following the lower lashes.
  • With the eyeliner, you follow the makeup line.
  • Withdraw carefully the tape. And ready! You already have your eyes with a perfect torn outline.

4. How to make lipsticks last longer

Makeup secretsTo make the lips have a greater fixation, all you need is a piece of toilet paper, a brush, and a little translucent compact powder. The latter is the one that will take care of lengthening its duration and making the whole painting stay in its place, without running out of the corners of the lips.

Steps to follow

  • Moisturize the lips with a little cocoa, Vaseline or moisturizer.
  • Line the lips and paint them the color of your choice.
  • Place the piece of toilet paper on them so that it absorbs a little of the excess paint.
  • With the brush, apply a touch of compact powder over the lips. This will help to fix the product.
  • EYE: This is one of the makeup secrets that has a double effect, so you have to be careful. When applying a little compact powder, the lipstick will take a matt tone. If your intention is this, great. But if you want to keep the shine, you must be careful.

5. False eyelashes effect

If you want to get an effect of false eyelashes, but without using them, this trick is for you. As we know the false eyelashes are beautiful and make the eyes look amazing. The following of the beauty secrets that we are going to reveal to you will help you to make your eyelashes have something more volume as if you had false eyelashes.

Steps to follow

  • Put on a thin layer of mascara.
  • Add a touch of compact powder over the lashes (while still wet).
  • Paint the eyelashes again. And ready!

6. How to recover eyeshadows

Makeup secretsThe eyeshadows can be seen in the most vivid colors and then, over time, they can lose their vitality. It can also happen that at sight you see it in a different way and in the eyelid.

Within makeup secrets, this is undoubtedly one of the most useful. It consists of applying a white shadow first, on the eyelid, and then the shadow of color. Believe it or not, this white base will give you that touch of life that painting lacks to show off its color.

7. Lacquer or spray fixative

Once you finish with all your makeup you realize that as many products as powder, base, and in general everything that you have placed, has accumulated on the skin and makes it look dry or stiff.

Do not despair, the following will be the makeup secrets of the professionals will help you. You’re going to sprinkle some spray fixative or lacquer at the end of all the makeup. This fulfills several functions:

  • It helps the makeup last longer.
  • Returns the naturalness to the face.
  • It gives light, it illuminates you without giving too much shine to the face.
  • You recover the natural texture of your face. 
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