Knees pain

Knees Pain: What are the causes and what to do?

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Knee pain often be annoying can become unbearable. Knees support the whole weight of our body, and no matter if you are 20-30 or 60 years, knee pain should never be underestimated. On the contrary, it requires a great deal of attention and it is important to run immediately to the shelter.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that it is considered to be one of the most interesting joints, but at the same time more complex and delicate, and therefore most at risk of breaks.

Knee problems often result from incorrect lifestyles, arthritis, osteoporosis, sedentary lifestyle.

Taking care of your own knees means changing lifestyles by adopting a proper diet and practicing sports that foster their functionality.

Sports that are good at knees

Among the sports that prove to be a real kick for the knees are:


Just prefer the dorsal


Walk on land without obstacles and moderate gear;


Only with the socket raised so that it does not overload the knees.

Sports that hurt your knees

The basketball

Continuous change of direction and jumps make use of and push the knees too much to make the basket an unsuitable sport. Instead, you can practice the canisters from standstill.


It hurts the aching knees especially if it is practiced in slalom or downhill. Cross-country skiing can be practiced.


Dangerous shocks and impacts that can cause damage to meniscus and ligaments are dangerous.


It does not affect speed or that it is a group or couple dance. What hurts the knee is the numerous and continuous jumps that often practice dancing.

The race

Running with long, tedious workouts is not good at knees, which are constantly stimulated and stimulated. Even worse if the terrain is irregular or full of obstacles.

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4 exercises to practice at home to strengthen your knees

There are some physical exercises that can strengthen your knees and are workable from home:

Quick walk

Take a quick walk to warm up so that joints become looser.


Sit on the ground with your legs straight in front of you. Bring one over the other by pulling the knee to your chest, keeping the position.

She slams forward

Starting position, standing. Expand a leg to bend forward by bending the knee, accompanying it with the dock so that the movement is light and does not exert excessive force on the knee.

Raise a weight

Weighing weights at the ankles to make the joints of the knees more flexible. So, sit on a chair, stop the weight on an ankle and raise it by little.

Knee-proof feeding

Lastly, you will need to change your lifestyle from the power supply.

It is best to prefer …
  • Anti-inflammatory foods such as avocado, fruit, vegetables and olive oil.
  • Vitamin E: A reminder for cartilage. It is present in peanuts, broccoli, mango, kiwi.
  • Football like milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds.
  • Drink plenty of water to properly hydrate your joints and cartilages.
  • Lysine: Avoids jute fatigue to recover the damage. You can find it in legumes, in meat, in eggs, in soy, in cod, in cheeses, in dried fruits.
  • Vitamin C: Helps to regenerate connective tissues and improves the functioning of blood vessels: oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, onions, tangerines, lettuce, grapes.

These little tricks will help you to feel better and above all to take care of your knees.

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