The 8 best exercises for glutes at home

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Firm and hard This is how both women and men like to show off their buttocks, but not everyone is capable of achieving it.

It is not so easy, that is why we want to leave you a post with the best glutes exercises.

We have already said, yes it is possible to have well-toned buttocks and until they grow a little size with only exercises.

But to achieve this, we have to work hard, exercise continuously and, like everything, take care of our food. So that everything goes hand in hand.

How is it possible that they can grow?

Because the glutes are made up of muscles. Like anybody when stimulated correctly, it will grow.

In fact, it is one of the largest in the human body and it is very important that you always exercise it, that it looks well toned.

If you are a person who is a regular at gyms or who likes to exercise to always look good and fit, the buttocks should also enter there.

Your whole toned body is a great plus. The best thing about these glute exercises is that they are very easy to do.

Although in the first exchange you will need the guidance of an instructor to do it in the correct way. Then you can do it by yourself.

Already with the passage of time, you can add some variants, raise the weights of the dumbbells or bar and in this way your buttocks will feel required and look perfect.

The 8 best glutes exercises are:

1. Dead weight

This is one of the best exercises to tone your buttocks because there you must do all the pressure to exercise and so you can do it normally.

As you are going to use a bar it is important that the first time you are going to do it, you have an instructor nearby.

You stand straight, firm, with your feet slightly apart.

The bar should be on the floor, the pronation takes the same width of your shoulders.

glutesThe back slightly curved, bend the knees and raise the bar to the height of your waist, hold only one or two seconds and low.

The pressure must be done on the buttocks to exercise.

Here it is very important to take care of the posture. That is why we recommend that there is an instructor nearby.

Otherwise, you can hurt your back.

In addition to this, you can do the pressure in the right places and have the results you expect so much. Continue reading 5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the office

2. Walking with weights

Yes, just as you are reading it, walking also helps to shape your glutes. But for you to have a real effect you must put weight on your ankles and so you add a little difficulty. You can do it at home if you have a long corridor or a large patio. Otherwise, you will have to walk through the place where you live or a nearby park.

The steps should be longer than normal as if you were taking a few strides.

Walk at a very fast pace, pressing on your glutes and you will notice the difference very soon. Once you finish you will feel pain in the area and it means that the muscle is demanded to the maximum.

With the passage of time what you should do is increase the pounds of the weights.

Also, walk longer distances or at an increasingly faster pace. This way your body will never get used to it and your ass will look great, just as you imagine it.

One variation is to put the weights on your ankles and do elevations as if you were trying to stand on tiptoe. Making the right pressure is a very demanding exercise, although for many this is not the case.

3. Leg press

Here you will have to help with the machine in the gym.

Although the name says about the legs, it also works, but the glutes have a great impact.

It will be bigger depending on the width with which you place your legs.

glutesYou must place your feet well up so that the pressure and movement you make will really be felt in the gluteal muscles. So you will have the result you expect. You must make sure that when you do the movement, you do the pressure there and not on the back or the legs.

This is a great exercise because you achieve a 2 × 1, you exercise your glutes and legs. Toning both at once is very stimulating, especially for women, who always want to be very regal.

4. Swing with Kettbell

This exercise in addition to working the glutes also allows the hamstrings to be benefited and with this, you will be able to perform better all the routines you have in mind.

With this exercise, you will need a lot of coordination and also get the correct posture so that you do not hurt your back.

You must stand up straight, both hands hold the weight.

Your feet should be slightly separated.

Bend your knees slightly, bend your back and raise your arms until they are fully extended to your chest.

Then the casualties until it passes between your legs.

With this exercise, once again you have to put pressure on your glutes. Especially when you bend your knees and perform the movement with the weight, from which the impulse starts. Your arms, for the use of the weights, will also have a requirement, although it will not be much, but it always helps.

5. Bridge

The exercise that you probably did a lot in gymnastics or even in childhood to play, is very good for your buttocks because of the pressure you exert in the area.

You lie on your back and raise your trunk.

glutesIn order to do so, you must support yourself on your arms and legs to elevate yourself, hold and lower yourself to the ground.

One way to add difficulty is that instead of low completely just bend a little and return to the position above.

The important thing is to hold several seconds and put pressure on the glutes.

6. Lunges or Strides

You must include it in your routines to work legs and glutes, they are very versatile and work several muscles at the same time.

If you are new with this movement, we recommend you exercise them with your own weight, and as you gain experience you can take a few dumbbells or perform the different variations that exist for the Lunges.

With this exercise, we work the glutes, but also the quadriceps and hamstrings.

7. Pelvic elevation

This other exercise that you should start to perform without any weight and as you grab strength you can take a disk and place it on your abdomen to add a bit of difficulty.

It is super simple and easy to execute and is very effective when it comes to strengthening and toning the gluteal and femoral muscles. After a few repetitions, you will begin to feel a kind of burning that indicates that your muscles are working.

8. Squats or Squats

This is one of the best exercises you can do to train those buttocks, that if I warn you is not as easy and simple to execute as the previous ones so we recommend that you advise with your trainer to indicate the correct way to do it.

You use the glutes maximums when performing this exercise and in turn, you work the femoral.

glutesAnd to increase the difficulty you can use the more than 8 variations that exist in this exercise. This way you do not get bored of the same training and your body does not get used to the same movement.

And if you want advice from a professional, I recommend you read the post by Ashley Hoffmann where she explains how she trains and feeds to achieve some enviable buttocks.

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